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By using Unix/Linux since 1996, I realized that I have wrote many programs, scripts and patches which could potentially be useful to other people too. Many of these programs and scripts, today are lost. Because of that, I decided to made my own site on the Internet with all my programs, scripts, patches and other useful things on one place. On this pages I intend to put only scripts and programs licensed under GPL licence and on that way, possibly pay back to Open Source community. Beside software, I intend to upload some nice examples and solutions of different problems which I made or got from many different sources and modified.

Since on this pages I intend to put only programs, scripts and patches which I have tested and finished, new programs and scripts will not come out fast, also in part because of very little free time which I have.

If you have found some bugs or mistakes in some of released projects, I would be very grateful if you would let me know about this trough mail djosip@linuxpages.org because I cannot clear bugs if I am not aware of their existence. If somebody found some parts of this site useful, or if somebody has modified some of released projects, I would like to hear about this, so that I can put link to their pages relevant to that project.

MS Internet Explorer still does not fully support PNG image format. In case you are using browser based on MS Internet Explorer you will not see the site as I intended. Please, install something better, in other words install any other web browser and you will not make mistake.

This site has not been created with help of some WYSIWYG HTML generator. I have used regular text editor and this is the reason for having source in conformance to W3C Recommendations and standards. You can check this by following the link under W3C icon:
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