About me

About me

Although, the title of the current page will give you a hint that you will be provided with informations about me, my work, etc. I have to disappoint you. This page is dedicated to my disgust with unnumbered narcissistic persons whose pages swarm with links like this is me, this me from different angle, this is me skiing, this is my dog, this is me climbing, this is me in the plain etc.

To give the title of this page at least some sense, my name is Josip Deanovic (Joseph in english) If you find yourself in need to contact me, you can do that by mail djosip@linuxpages.org If you have a nasty habit to send HTML mail, before sending mail to me, please reconfigure your mail client to send messages in plain text format. Every mail in HTML format will be sent to /dev/null for further processing.