About me

About me


I value privacy and I don't like to broadcast tons of personal information about myself. You will not find me on Facebok, Twitter and similar services.

My name is Josip Deanovic (Joseph in English) and I live in Croatia.

I am generally interested in topics related to technology, science, history, philosophy and such and I am easily drawn into a discussion of a related subjects.

I was introduced to Unix (IRIX) in 1996. and I was fascinated by it to say the least. Soon after that, a good friend of mine told me about the Linux operating system which apparently was something like a free Unix which could be installed on an x86-compatible PC at home. He borrowed me his CD with the installation of Slackware Linux and that irreversibly affected my future and a career.

Apart from designing of IT systems, network and security, my hobbies also include electronics, mechanics and few individual sports.

If you find yourself in need to contact me, you can do that by sending e-mail to djosip@linuxpages.org


Ever since I learned how Unix/Linux and their different variants work and operate, Information Technology has become my passion.

Since then, I have gathered precious experience working in enterprise environment and designing or managing different kinds of IT systems capable to satisfy the needs of high volume web traffic systems, systems with huge storage requirements and high availability like different telecommunication companies and banks in Croatia and nearby countries.

In short, I have over 20 years of experience in IT, most of it in a role of system architect and occasionally work related to security. I am used to utilize several programming and scripting languages and countless different tools, services and databases. Common sense and experience are my most useful tools.

I am focused on large IT infrastructure systems, security and system optimizations as well as physical security and electronics.
I prefer proven, stable, resilient and reliable systems and services.